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Runtz EM style. Everything you want from a bag of runtz, with the smokeability and flavor you expect from Exotic Matter. The Runtz line has already put its name down as one of the all-time great tasting strains, so we had to pay respect to the modern legend the Exotic Matter way.


We've cut down hundreds of harvests, spent thousands of hours, and dropped millions of dollars tracking down the best flavor we can find. The cultivars shown in our menu below reflect the best representations we've encountered in our team's combined half-century of growing experience.

EMgeneticinfo new-16.png
The Sour Mochi was bred by Karma Genetics and selected by Exotic Matter. The strain brings a balanced combination of Sour Diesel flavor and doughy Cookies terps that come through from the GSC in the Gelato 47's lineage.
Limonada is an Exotic Matter exclusive selection of Rainbow Beltz 2.0 seed stock from Archive Seed Bank. Our selection comes through with classic z flavor and a splash of tropical citrus and melon terms to bring a unique twist to the candy flavor we love.
Solid dense nugs with a creamy red fruit terp and a profound effect to match the flavor. The results of the long work from some of cannabis’ great minds, credit to Deep East, Wizard Treez, and Doja Pak for bringing this strain to the people.
An Exotic Matter Exclusive that comes with straight gasoline terps and a sweet finish. F1 is the result of our in-house selection program, and took over 11-months of work to bring to fruition.
Candy terps are here to stay, and Rainbow Beltz is one of the purest expressions of the z-candy terp. At Exotic Matter we grow for flavor, and this strain brings it. Respect to the folks at Archive Seed Bank for bringing this one to life.
Featuring awesome trichome coverage and dense lime green flowers with shades of purple, this strain is one of the most beautiful varieties we have ever seen. True to its name, the flavor on this strain is pure lemon cake mouth coating goodness with a back end of gas.
One of the best flavor profiles we’ve encountered. packed full of flavor, Gelonade is the perfect balance of citrus and gas with flavor until the very end of the joint. The strain has a complex flavor with an uplifting high that makes it our preferred daytime smoker. Shoutout to Connected for bringing this flavor to world.
Our longest held strain, cultivated by us since 2009, the HMK is the epitome of a perfectly balanced hybrid, with complex flavors of watermelon, gasoline, cheese, pine, and hops. The effect profile is calming and mentally boosting with a relaxing body effect
Sherbacio produces beautifully colored nuts with a chocolatey, creamy, and nutty flavor profile. Shoutout to the minds at Alien Labs for bringing this creation to life.
One of our first creations, Guava Masala is a complex nutty funky spicy selection from one of our first breeding projects. Super unique terms give Thai food curry flavors that we haven’t found in other strains.
An exceptional balance of creamy gelato terms and candy Runtz terms, this Exotic Matter exclusive selection from Always Be Flowering Genetics seed stock captures the flavor profiles of both classic modern strains and combines them for a delicious smooth and sweet smoke.
Potato Runtz lives up to the hype expected from a Pink Runtz x White Runtz Cross. Bred and named by Compound Genetics and hunted by us as part of our in-house selection process.
Bred by Compound Genetics and selected in-house. The Grape Gas x White Runtz cross brings a truly original terp, reminiscent of sweet tarts and grapes. In addition to profound unique flavor, this strain has one of our favorite effects. The strain comes with a relaxing and comfortable high, without the debilitating effects of other heavy hitters.
Another hitter from the Runtz family tree. With a slightly more cerebral effect and a smooth candy flavor, this sister of the original Runtz is worthy of keeping in rotation.
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