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Exotic Matter is the culmination of a decade plus obsession with finding, growing, breeding, and preserving the best cannabis genetics in the world. Closets, apartments, pole barns, warehouses, and wherever the opportunity arose. We are a small group of trusted friends and family who have hustled and taken risks to ensure these plants survived. A team of connoisseurs who value quality and flavor over everything.

Exotic Matter’s mission is to find, share, create and preserve the rarest and most unique cannabis strains. The Exotic Matter Strain Library currently has over 100 genetic varieties, with our longest held strain having been cultivated by us since 2009.



Our indoor grow consists of 54 lights, one of the smallest in Michigan. Prior to starting Exotic Matter we ran 200+ light grows and we felt scale at that size prevented us from giving each plant the hands-on love and care they deserve, so we designed our facility to be smaller and flavor-focused instead of the large scale yield-focused production models of many legal grows. Respect to the other Michigan growers who also seek quality over quantity.


Our outdoor farm sits on an ancient glacial riverbed that leads into the Manistee River and Lake Michigan, just outside of Michigan's wine country. The land has been in our family for over a century, with our co-founder grew up amending the garden soil with his grandfather for home gardening using natural methods. they would spread fireplace ashes & grass clippings, as well as create organic compost. The years of love and care along with with the geological characteristics creates an unrepeatable environment with a special terroir, lending itself to beautiful resin and flavor production.
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